Brand Storytelling in a Noisy World

November 1, 2018
November 1, 2018 John Chasoulidis

We are now living in the era of noise. The era of welcoming every piece of information, distraction, entertainment, escapism. How can your story be heard?


The misunderstanding.

The fact that you created, crafted, invented a product, an idea, a company, a solution, doesn’t mean that it ends there. No matter how hard you are going to adapt to the tools, the social media frameworks, techniques, tactics, practices. This is not enough. And there is a very huge misunderstanding by the most. Most of us, including myself, have created, imagined, envisioned, and then followed the practices, the tips, the tricks. The shortcuts. Well, is this what we should do?


The “Captain Obvious” effect

So now you get it. It is simply not going to be sufficient. Read the rules, play by the algorithm, schedule it correctly, post it everywhere, SEO it but still nothing. And why? Because you are doing exactly the same thing with the entire flock of digimals (my definition of how humans have become the first digital animal — digimal).

You have to do it differently. Oh, Captain Obvious much already? Yes! But how come you don’t?


The “Nana by the fireplace” element

You’ve heard bedtime stories, fairy tales about Snow White, Cinderella, the Three Piggies and others. Your grandma used to narrate these. Before you sleep. After a Sunday’s meal. By the fireplace. At night. On a cold morning.

But you heard it more than once, right? And you never got bored of it. You always were excited for the moment that the hunter saves Red Riding Hood. Always felt relieved when Snow White woke up, always felt amazed and magical when Alice met the Cheshire Cat.

Your brand is a story. It’s a story that lives, only if you want it to live. Only if you want to write, narrate, repeat, spice up, embrace it.


The porcelain doll choice

Imagine you are in a 50s shop that sells these beautifully dressed and designed porcelain dolls. All of them look equally the same but all might have a different result upon choosing them. How do you choose?

The shop manager starts showing you each of them, telling a different story for each. You will choose one. And it will be yours. Your story to tell after.

Your brand is a doll. But now the shop is the entire planet. And its full of dolls. And all the dolls, all the brands have different stories.

The noise of the world, that tells all the stories, is the shop manager. Your job is to place the correct story to the manager’s lips. And your story to be the captivating one. The one that the little child, will be immersed, amazed and captivated by.


The toolkit illusion

Now is the moment where you expect the tips and tricks. Where you expect the toolkit, the go to strategy, the ultimate technique. Here are some cliches but so needed and true sayings:

Do. The. Work.

Put. The. Effort.

Analyse. The. Result.

But the most important that has to happen like a breath pace?
Never stop asking Why are you doing this. With the Whys you are going to make your story, worth telling, because I don’t want to know who you are or what you do, before I know why you decided to do it. And why you do it like that. And why I will walk out of the shop with your doll, and a beautiful story to tell my friends…


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